outdoor headshot Libby MontesNation

Libby's career journey included studying criminal psychology which led her to the Coast Guard which taught her emergency management skills that she uses today at the Lab.

The need to see results is part of Lucian's career journey. It has ranged from mechanical tech at Lawrence Livermore, to construction, to overseeing the installation of scientific equipment at the ALS, and now, IPO.

Sdiqa Sharifi

From working in academia and the retail industry before the Lab, Sdiqa brings her passion for continuous improvement and strategic problem solving to her role as a strategic planning program manager in Facilities.

Stephanie's career has included policy fellow for the American Physical Society, time on Capitol Hill, and now the State Department. Read how her time at the Lab exposed her to federal policymaking.

Emil Nassar

Starting as an English major in college, Emil bounced around office jobs before settling into a position as a Project Scheduler, and then moving into project controls before his current role as the Deputy Project Management Officer.

Brooke Russell is a Chamberlain Postdoctoral Fellow at the Lab, and studies neutrino oscillations in support of the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment.

Jonathan Nurse

Jonathan started as a biology major but his long-held interest in government and politics led to a switch in major to political science and he’s never looked back. Today he is the Director of Federal Relations at Berkeley Lab.

The Lab changed Mariah's perspective on her career path. The Lab exposed her to options outside academia, as well as providing her an opportunity to work on gas-based chemistry.

Hao Chen

Growing up in a small village outside Shanghai, Chen went on to earn a Ph.D. in physical chemistry. Chen is a postdoctoral researcher working in Material Sciences.

Olga Shapoval

Olga Shapoval is an applied mathematician who works on the derivation, implementation, and improvement of state-of-the-art mathematical models and numerical methods for modeling plasma accelerators.

Senajith Rekawa

Senajith “Seno” Rekawa grew up in Sri Lanka and first came to Berkeley Lab in 1991 as a summer intern, where he helped build the Advanced Light Source storage ring. Seno is now Chief Engineer and Deputy Director for Operations at the Center for X-Ray Optics.

With a background in mechanical engineering, it was a Rosenfeld postdoc fellowship that brought Akanksha to the Lab. She used the career resources at the Lab and her work with large teams led her to her current position.

Peter Sorensen’s advice to those looking for postdoc opportunities? Get a map. A good map. Even without a good map, read how Peter's career journey eventually brought him to Berkeley Lab.