“Determining the composition of matter is the first step in characterizing any material,” said UC Berkeley Chemistry Professor Omar Yaghi. “This is true not only for those making new materials, such as myself, but also for those who work with them across the different disciplines of chemistry.”

In the past few years, utilization of the MAF has decreased, and work is underway to understand how the MAF can better meet researcher’s needs and why researchers turn to an external provider. Benefits of the MAF include a quicker turnaround, the ability to analyze air-sensitive samples, and the ease of collaborating with the person performing the analysis. 

My students also benefit from discussing the most appropriate analytical techniques and results with the analyst,” said Chemical Sciences Division Director Polly Arnold. “The Microanalytic Facility (MAF) provides my team with essential compositional data on all our compounds.” 

The proposed rates for UC and Lab researchers for the upcoming fiscal year are:

  • CHN Analysis (per sample) $62.00
  • CHNS Analysis with Sulfur (per sample) $112.00
  • CHNA Analysis Air Sensitive (per sample) $107.00
  • ICP (per sample) $99.00
  • Consulting (per hour) $150.00

Please contact Richmond Sarpong for questions about the facilities’ services and operations.


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Microanalytic Facility (MAF)