In the next few months, through a series of case studies, the IDEA Office will share examples of IDEA-centered practices that are being implemented in different Lab groups. Our goal is to give Lab community members opportunities to learn from their peers and leverage models of IDEA efforts that they can take back and implement on their own teams. This month, learn how the Office of the Chief Financial Officer has been building a culture of psychological safety and how you can apply lessons from their journey to your work. 

You are invited to learn more at an IDEAs-in-Action roundtable on Monday, May 22 at noon

The Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO) realized that psychological safety, defined as the shared belief held by employees that a team is safe for interpersonal risk-taking and making mistakes, is an area of growth for their team. When the OCFO three-year roadmap was developed and implemented, OCFO employees and leaders identified enhancing psychological safety as a high-priority initiative for the OCFO IDEA program to focus on. Their goal has been to create a more inclusive and psychologically safe environment, leading to more creative and effective teams within the division.

Read how the team tackled the challenge and the lessons learned for other groups who want to work on psychological safety. 

Read the OCFO case study.