Tockify Lab Events Calendar

View the calendar in a pinboard, agenda, or monthly format.

Lab Events Calendar Upgrade Tockify

Click on the date field to view events on another day. Use the arrows to view the prior or next month.

Lab Events Calendar - Add to Calendar

Add events to your own calendar. Share and email events to others as well.

  1. Create the event on your LBNL Google Calendar, including your room reservation, and any attendees that you wish to explicitly invite, if applicable.
  2. Uncheck Guests can “invite others” and “see guest list.”
  3. Add the LBNL Events Calendar by pasting this code into the Guests box: 
  4. Save the event.
  5. To add the same type of event (i.e. same location, time), the quickest way is to duplicate an existing event, then edit the information that has changed (i.e. speaker, title). Click “edit event details” on the existing event, then click “duplicate” on the “more actions” menu. Save the new event.

The Lab events calendar is the second-most visited site by employees (the first being A-Z). When inputting your event, be sure to add as much descriptive details as possible so staff get a clear picture of what the activity is.