The Lab’s parking policy will be enforced beginning Feb. 13. Employees will need to show a parking permit and use their badge for entry at any of the Lab gates. After parking in an appropriate spot, the parking permit must be hung from the vehicle’s rearview mirror. The parking permits no longer need to have an annual renewal sticker on them. 

“We’re bringing back parking regulations due to a combination of more people coming on site and increasing construction activities,” said Parking and Transportation Senior Manager John Chernowski. “At the same time, we are continuing to review the Lab’s current parking policy, with the goal of issuing a revised policy in the spring. We are currently working with focus groups to better understand the needs of specific groups at the Lab.”

“This is a good time to explore other commute options. The shuttle runs every ten minutes at the Lab, and other shuttles crisscross through nearby neighborhoods and from public transit stations. You can see real-time transit information, including when the next shuttle arrives, using Trip Shot.”

The Lab has 35 carpool parking spaces that are conveniently located. The spaces can be used by a vehicle containing two or more badged people entering through a gate. Both parking permits must be hung from the rearview mirror.  Another option is to receive a carpool pass at the Lab gates when there are two or more badged people in the vehicle. The one-day carpool pass should be left on the dash when parking in a carpool space.

You can use the Lab’s interactive map to explore the Lab’s parking locations. Information on the shuttle routes, stops, and schedules is available on the Lab’s Commute page. 

If you forget your parking permit, you can enter through any of the Lab gates and receive a one-day permit.

Parking permits are available to all non-student employees and affiliate scientists and faculty, DOE and other federal employees, postdocs, and rehired retirees. If you are eligible for a parking permit and don’t have one, you can obtain one by making an appointment with the badge office

Anyone with an active badge but without a parking permit can park at the Lab after 3 p.m. and on weekends and holidays. 

For additional information, you can review the Lab’s parking policy. Specific questions can be sent to