Berkeley Lab is unique among the national laboratories, stemming in part from a combination of its history as the first lab, its pioneering of team science, and its location. But at the heart of what makes Berkeley Lab unique and a great place to work is the diversity of people who bring their passion and talents to this historic institution to make contributions beyond themselves. 

Aditi Chakravarty, the Lab’s Chief Culture Officer, and her team know that the Lab’s unique culture is a product of its people and something that must be both celebrated and continually cultivated. Equipping employees as culture-builders and people stewards is core to the mission of the Director’s Stewardship Summit, which is currently accepting applications

“The Director’s Stewardship Summit is a six-month leadership program that is virtual-first, to be accessible to all employees, with in-person gatherings for those who can come to the hill site,” said Aditi. “While the summit is specifically designed for aspiring, early-career, and experienced people managers across the Lab, all employees are welcome to apply. We are all responsible for building the culture and community we want here, so everyone has something to gain from this experience. The summit is an opportunity to have meaningful conversations not only about the stewardship values that bind us but about how we apply and enact these values in the context of building our teams and exercising leadership in our work.”

The Director’s Stewardship Summit launches in January 2024 with a kick-off summit from January 24-26 and culminates in a graduation on July 17, 2024. The program is led by a team of facilitators, including Summit alumni, who will engage participants in individual reflections and group discussions, live workshops and keynotes, peer coaching, and breakout sessions. 

Applications close Dec. 6.