For many retirees and former employees, working at “the Lab” was more than a job, it was being connected to a place where important and exciting things happened, a place where history was – and continues to be – made through groundbreaking scientific discoveries and technological advances. This special connectivity with the Lab need not end with retirement. All retirees as well as former employees are welcome to become members of the LBNL Retirement Association or EX-Ls. Membership is free and includes the spouse or partner of the retiree or former employee.

Members of EX-Ls receive a quarterly newsletter that highlights the latest news from the Lab and its leadership, and invitations to quarterly luncheons and/or lectures on a wide variety of topics. Members also receive ongoing mailings through the UC Berkeley Retirement Center (UCBRC) announcing services, courses, lectures and travel opportunities keyed to the interests of retirees.

EX-Ls was established in 1982 by then Lab Director David Shirley to foster social, cultural and intellectual relationships among retired and/or former employees. For most of EX-Ls 40 plus years history, members would gather at local restaurants for quarterly luncheons and to hear lectures that were primarily but not exclusively Lab-centric. During the worst years of the Covid pandemic the lectures became Zoom events but the resumption of in-person events is planned. Recent lecture topics included Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) for the treatment of neurological disorders; STEM educational programs at Berkeley Lab; and a conversation with Deputy Lab Director for Research Carol Burns.

EX-Ls also sponsors a delegate to the Council of University of California Retiree Associations (CUCRA), which plays an advocacy role for UC and Lab retirees. This gives EX-Ls a voice in providing reviews and feedback to UC Office of the President (UCOP) on matters such as health care plans. Retirees and former employees can join EX-Ls at any time. Simply email and ask to be added to the list server. You can also call the UCBRC at 510-642-5461.