Test Ride Thursday

You can test ride an e-bike on Thursday, August 24, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in front of Building 56A, which is located on Alvarez Road, uphill from the roundabout.

You can also reserve a ride time.

The Lab is working with Ridepanda, a micro-mobility leasing company, to bring pedal and e-bike leasing to the Lab community with a special offer exclusively for Lab staff*. 

“I learned about the Lab’s agreement with Ridepanda about their e-bikes at a recent meeting and decided to try it out,” said Thomas Kirchstetter, Energy Analysis & Environmental Impacts division director. “The process was easy. I received my bike last week, have been on a few rides, and plan to change my commute habit by biking to work a few days every week. Riding a leased e-bike is a great opportunity to get more exercise, remove a car from the road, and free up one parking space at the Lab.  The Lab’s agreement and the option to lease rather than buy makes it a very attractive alternative to driving, and I enjoy getting a bit of fresh air before starting my day.”

“We think having an e-bike option is one of the best ways to get people thinking about commute alternatives,” said Transportation & Parking Demand Senior Manager John Chernowski. “The last mile, as it is known, is getting you from home to public transit, and public transit to work. E-bikes provide that tool.” 

For others who live closer to the Lab, the Ridepanda pedal and e-bikes are also an option. If you don’t want to tackle Cyclotron Road, bike to a Lab shuttle stop and ride in comfort inside the shuttle while your bike rides in a bike rack.  

Ridepanda offers a range of vehicles starting at $54 per month, which includes theft insurance, a helmet, and a lock.

To get started, visit the Lab’s special Ridepanda website. You can then take a look at vehicle options and book a test ride or join your colleagues on Thursday, Aug. 24, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in front of Building 56A which is located on Alvarez Road uphill from the roundabout. 

*Lab Promotion: The first 80 customers will get $50 per month off the regularly-priced e-bike lease for the first 12 months of the lease.