The Lab’s new website has been nominated for a Webby Award recognizing website excellence. And while it is always nice to be recognized, it is the company the Lab is in that is gratifying. 

Four other worldwide government and public-serving organizations are also in the same Webby Award category: Government & Associations. The nominated organizations, like the Lab, are making significant contributions to society. One is working to decriminalize poverty in Tennessee, another is bringing filmmaking to Louisiana, and another is tracking worldwide digital development with the United Nations. 

Berkeley Lab’s web project has been more than two years in the making, a partnership among Strategic Communications, IT, Creative Services, the communications teams from the Lab’s research areas and user facilities, and hundreds of others in the Lab community who participated in a series of focus groups to develop and shape a vision for the site that would be consistent with Lab values. The resulting website showcases how the Lab’s team science approach creates innovative solutions to world problems.

In addition to being a top-five nominee for a Webby Award, the Lab’s website is also a top-five finalist and is eligible for a Webby People’s Voice Award. While the other finalists also have great sites, we think the Lab’s new site is pretty special, and we’re asking for your vote and your help to get out the vote.

There are several ways you can vote:

  • In-person at Building 91, IGB, on Wednesday, April 19, from noon to 1 p.m. near the food truck. Look for volunteers from Strategic Communications who can help you vote.
  • Online at the Webby website. You will need to register to vote, but it only takes a minute to do so.
  • Share the Webby website with friends, family, and colleagues. Share on social media as well to amplify the message. Show Lab pride and ask them for their vote. 

Voting ends on April 20, and the Webby Award winners and the Webby People’s Voice Award will be announced next week.