Please prepare your workspace, including labs and administrative space, if you will be gone during winter break.

  • Ensure that door signage is accurate, including contact information in case of emergency or equipment failure.
  • Power off computers, monitors, peripherals, power strips, and non-essential equipment.
  • Shut fume hood sashes.
  • Empty personal waste bins and sort your trash at a central waste station.
  • Shut off non-essential lights and equipment.
  • Unplug personal space heaters, fans, and coffee pots.
  • Empty perishables out of break room refrigerators.
  • Close windows and doors.

In addition, it is good practice to:

  • Secure theft-attractive items: laptops, cameras, iPhones, iPads, etc.
  • Wash and put away dishes and wipe off kitchen surfaces.
  • Disinfect your workstation and furniture.
  • Water your plants or take them home for the break.
  • Turn off the lights.