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Ramamoorthy Ramesh sitting at a desk in an office. JGI researcher Peggy Lamaux, a Caucasion woman in her 60s, wearing a bright blue shirt, black vest and wire framed glasses, looks upward. Her image is superimposed over a field of tall sorghum plants, towering over her. DOE Office of Science Director Asmeret Berhe, a woman of color, stands in front of laboratory equipment with a Lab researcher, preparing to answer questions. An image of an Indian woman, Deepanwita Banerjee, sitting in a chair, facing the camera, wearing a dark shirt with her orange Berkeley Lab lanyard around her neck. Her computer screen is visible on the desk behind her. headshot of Volodymyr Vovchenko headshot of Ilan Gur 3Q4 with Blair Edwards image of University of California logo Headshot of Akshay Sharma with 3Q4 title Headshot of Hannah Klion with 3Q4 title Monika Blum for Visible Spectrum