Traditionally many employees leave the Lab in June to begin their next life chapter as a retiree. While it may seem like that is a long way off, only several weeks are left until June. If you plan to retire soon, there are several email mailing lists you want to join now so you can stay informed about retiree activities.

First is the Ex-Ls, the Lab’s retiree organization. The group is a good way to stay in touch with other retirees and former employees and make new connections through quarterly events and a newsletter. Membership is free. Several retiree groups associated with UC Berkeley provide seminars, free Learning in Retirement courses, book clubs, and events. 

And if you are willing to share, we would like to know your post-work plans.  The Retiree Honor Roll website will be updated as information is received. Please fill out the form so we can honor all our Lab retirees. 



Preparing for Retirement web page

UCB Retirement Center

UC Berkeley Emeriti Association

UC Retirees’ Association at Berkeley

Retiree Honor Roll website

Retiree Honor Roll information form


  • Ambily Rajappan says:

    This article for retirees was published today, June 1st. However, it contains information about retirement celebration event on May 22nd. Not sure if that was a typo (and meant June 22 and not May 22 as quoted below).
    “Lab employees retiring July 1 or earlier are invited to join a retirement celebration on Monday, May 22, from 2:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the UC Berkeley Alumni House Patio hosted by the UC Berkeley Retirement Center. Complete this form to save your space”.

    Hope you can confirm.

    • dwentworth says:

      Yes, the event was May 22nd. This was a replay article, so that part is no longer applicable. We will take it out and watch for that in the future when articles are re-run. Thanks for letting us know.