Can’t find A-Z? Did you know the footer at the bottom of every web page now includes a link “For Employees”, which leads to, the site designed to meet Berkeley Lab employees’ day-to-day needs? There you will find the A-Z index, the Staff Directory, and other popular and useful employee resources and news.


  • Gwyneth Terry says:

    Consider that this is not a change issue but an ergo issue. Scrolling down to the bottom of the page for the most used section is adding multiple seconds of moving around a web page and hand/finger movement. How many times is the webpage used and if we are adding this to everyone’s daily use, what injury and time drain is being built in to “tidying” highly used function to the bottom of the page. Please reconsider why this should be at the top

    • Tiffany Win says:

      Hello – Thank you for your feedback. Please consider bookmarking or using the search bar at the top of to navigate to the website directly to reduce clicks and scrolling movement.

  • Marissa Smithwick says:

    The article admits that “The “A-Z” feature is one of the most widely used on” I thought one of the reasons for the web redesign was to make high traffic pages easier to access. Hiding the A-Z Index and forcing employees to take extra steps to search, scroll, or bookmark is not a good web design strategy. Unless the focus is to weight external traffic needs over internal traffic needs. In which case, can’t you include A-Z Index as an internal-only object that won’t show to the whole world?

    • Strategic Communications says:

      Thank you for your comment. A number of people have let us know they are confused by the choice to move the A-Z feature from the Berkeley Lab homepage. Please keep in mind that A-Z is popular among our internal Lab audiences, primarily. Like many institutions, we have made a conscious choice to offer internally facing resources on an employee-facing page,, while focusing our homepage to meet the content needs of our external audiences (such as potential partners, sponsors, members of our community, the public, and others), so they may readily learn about our mission and engage with us with ease.