As the Lab’s Security Operations Manager, John Devito oversees the Lab’s protective force and lock shop. He needs to be onsite every weekday. This meant driving his car and looking for parking five days a week. Since he’s leased an e-bike from Ride Panda through the Lab’s exclusive program, John leaves the car at home three to four times a week and still has a swift and comfortable commute to the Lab.

“Leasing an e-bike was a painless commute solution. Ride Panda does the bike maintenance. They provide theft insurance and even a lock,” says John. “I also use the bike while I’m at work. I’m in Building 48 and have meetings all over the site, so using the e-bike is a great way to quickly get to meetings without worrying about parking.”

John lives about three and a half miles from the Lab and will use either Blackberry or Strawberry Gate to access the Lab. Even going uphill on Cyclotron Road doesn’t slow him down. 

“I find Berkeley drivers are pretty aware of the biking population. I can navigate traffic better with an e-bike since I can stay up with the traffic flow. Occasionally, I’ll stop and do errands after work and find it easier to get around on my e-bike. There were different models to select from, so I could have picked a cargo bike with room for shopping, but since I use the bike primarily for commuting, a simple black e-bike fit my needs.”

You can learn more about the Lab’s exclusive e-bike leasing program with Ride Panda.

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  • Miquel Salmeron says:

    I am an avid biker and often come to the lab using my bike. My trip is quite uphill as I live on the Hills, close to Grizzly peak.
    I wonder if an electric bike is up to the task of climbing from the lab to the Grizzly peak on Centenial road

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