The Lab’s web presence is being re-designed to make it easier for our web visitors to find the information they need and to learn more about the Lab. Our new sites take an audience-first approach, providing clear pathways for web visitors to engage with us depending on each user’s needs. We created the new sites with four critical audiences in mind: scientists from around the world, potential funders and partners, the general public interested in science, and our employees.

As part of this overall project, Strategic Communications has collaborated with IT and Creative Services to revamp the Elements website to serve one of our most important audiences: employees. Elements is a Lab-wide hub and online space for Lab employees to find the internal news and resources they will need to be successful in their roles at the Lab. 

The goal of this platform is to highlight key information, updates, and helpful tools to help employees stay informed about Lab news, navigate being on sites, see and hear messages from leaders, and feel connected to the Lab’s culture and history.

For Elements content prior to August 2022, please visit this archive page. Elements follows a long history of Lab employee communications, starting with the Radiation Laboratory Bulletin, followed by The Magnet, Currents, The View, and Today at Berkeley Lab.

The Elements website will be updated and modernized over time based on feedback and technical developments. Overall, our new web presence is telling a shared story of Berkeley Lab and the many ways we bring science solutions to the world. 

Elements launched on August 23. The Lab’s newly designed homesuite launches in September. Stay tuned for more.