Those who work in Zone 6, near Strawberry Gate, will be asked to participate in the drill. Strawberry Gate will not be closed during the exercise on Friday. Community partners, including Alameda County Fire Department, Berkeley Fire Department, Berkeley Police Department, and other agencies, are participating in the drill and will respond to the mock emergency. This means emergency vehicles will enter at Blackberry Gate in the morning and will move around the Lab’s hill site with lights on. 

You play a part in this drill. Everyone who is signed up for LabAlert will receive a message that starts EXERCISE EXERCISE EXERCISE, followed by information. This is not an emergency, but you are requested to respond to the LabAlert message. 

Those who respond to the test emergency message will be eligible to receive an emergency preparedness kit that is perfect for home or vehicle. Two winners will be selected in a random drawing from all who respond to the alerts on Friday. 

You can read more about the exercise. If you have any questions, contact