A long-planned Lab modernization effort, the Seismic Safety and Modernization (SSM) project, requires the closure of the hill site’s Building 54, which houses the cafeteria and Pers Hall. The building will close after Nov. 11 for food service and after Nov. 18 for events.

The Lab will hold several interactive sessions to answer questions and explain the new food services during the project. A replay of the first of these sessions is available on the SSM project site.

Food service will resume in January in the parking lot next to Building 91, which was chosen because it can accommodate food trucks, seating, and provide employee safety.

At this time (October 2022), we’re in the process of choosing a food service vendor as well as looking into food service options for late November and December. Many great restaurants in Berkeley and Oakland are easily reached from the Lab’s Blue or Orange shuttle routes.

To learn more about food service options at the Lab, visit food.lbl.gov.
To learn more about the SSM project, visit the project construction page.