The Lab’s web presence is being revamped and re-designed to make it easier for people to explore and find the information they need. Our new sites take an audience-first approach, providing clear pathways for employees and visitors to explore the Lab’s capabilities and find the best ways to engage with us. These sites are designed with four critical audiences in mind: scientists, potential funders and partners, the general public interested in science, and our employees. 

The most recent revamp of the Elements website and newsletter is another step in the journey to modernize the Lab’s web presence and meet the needs of Lab employees to find the information they need to succeed. The Elements website and newsletter will be updated and modernized over time based on feedback and technical developments. 

Help Strategic Communications by sharing feedback on what you like most about the new updates and any suggestions for improvements. Email or leave a comment at the bottom of the Elements website.

Overall, our new web presence is telling a shared story of Berkeley Lab and the many ways we bring science solutions to the world. 

Elements launched on August 23. The Lab’s newly designed homesuite launches in September. Stay tuned for more.


  • Marissa Smithwick says:

    I miss the ability to ‘like’ an article.

  • Marissa Smithwick says:

    Also miss the ability to comment on an article. Some of the comm box conversations were delightful!

    • Tiffany Win says:

      Thank you for your feedback Marissa. The good news is that users can comment on an article on the Elements website! We can explore the ability to ‘like’ an article but this may not be available within WordPress default capabilities.

  • Marissa Smithwick says:

    Is it possible to make the article snippet or at least article title a link to the article or action as well? It’s sometimes hard for me to click the link below each. Thanks! I like the new look btw. Clean and simple.